About the Commission

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All of Stanislaus County's children will thrive in supportive, safe, nurturing, and loving environments; are healthy, eager, and ready learners; and become productive well-adjusted members of society.


Promoting the development and well being of children 0 - 5.

Commission Membership

The membership of the Commission consists of nine (9) members as established pursuant to California Health and Safety Code section 130140 and Stanislaus County Ordinance 687, as may be amended from time to time.

  • 1 Member of the Commission shall be a member of the Board of Supervisors
  • 1 Member of the Commission shall be a County Health Officer
  • 2 Members of the Commission shall be two of the following County Department Heads: Health Services Agency Director, Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Director, Community Services Agency Director
  • 1 Member shall be a representative of a local school district
  • 4 Members shall be community representatives who are:
    1. Recipients of project services included in the county strategic plan; or
    2. Representatives of a local child care resource or referral agency or a local child care coordinating group; or
    3. Representatives of a local organization for prevention or early intervention for families at risk; or
    4. Representatives of community-based organizations that have the goal of promoting nurturing and early childhood development; or
    5. Representatives of local school districts; or
    6. Representatives of local medical, pediatric or obstetric associations or societies.

Commission Ethics

Reflecting the commitment of the Commission to operate in a transparent and responsible manner, a Code of Ethics has been adopted by the Commission as Section 204 of its Policies and Procedures Manual. Additionally, a Supplemental Ethics Policy has been adopted by the Commission to impose ethics requirements on Commissioners and staff that exceed minimum requirements established by the State of California.